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“When I grow up, I want to be...” Course is designed to assist youth with the process of developing career and employment opportunities. Using the content standards and working draft benchmarks, this program will use a three-prong approach to assist youth in not only choosing but also developing a plan to become successful. Our goal is not only to assist students with learning how to get a job or choose a career but once they have learned how to make money they are taught basic fundamentals of saving managing and investing.

 Youth can learn basic social skills needed to interact with professionals in the business world.

 Provides students with the tools to seek employment, pursue extended education and vocational training opportunities.

Youth will develop strategic plans for transition from incarceration to their community.

Job Preparation, Training & Entrepreneurial skills offers instructional, technical educational and social training designed to lead to successful transition back into their communities while opening exciting career opportunities. Using the “Secure Our Future “model as the benchmark, our program use its proven approach of acting and role play to get students excited about the opportunity for a successful transition. Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurship Education—programs and seminars providing an introduction to the values and basics of creating and running businesses. These programs, typically offered in schools or community colleges often guide youth through the development of a business plan. They may also include simulations of business start-up and operation.

          Enterprise Development—programs providing supports and services that incubate and help youth develop their own businesses. These programs go beyond entrepreneurship education by helping youth access small loans or grants that are needed to begin business operation and by providing more individualized attention to the development of viable business ideas.

          Experiential Programs—programs providing youth with placement and experience in the day to day operation of a business. In many cases, these programs involve the development of a youth-run business that young people participating in the program work in and manage. In other cases, these programs provide placement in apprentice or internship positions with adult entrepreneurs in the community



Leadership/Service Learning: Our programs utilize an ethical program designed for the purpose of bringing together into a public setting a common ethical language. It touches children, the home, the community, and city at large. It creates a moral awareness in the development of character, producing a community sensitive to transcendent values. Students use what they learn in the classroom to solve real-life problems. They not only learn the practical applications of their studies, they become actively contributing citizens and community members through the service they perform. Students will also learn citizenship/civic awareness, Community Service, Conflict Resolution, Project Planning,  Communication, Meeting Skills, Goal Setting, Team building, Respect for self and others. A comprehensive, dynamic, and developmentally appropriate substance abuse and violence prevention program designed for elementary, middle, and high school students. This highly effective curriculum has been proven to help increase self-esteem, develop healthy attitudes, and improve their knowledge of essential life skills – all of which promote healthy and positive personal development.

Program Learning Objectives:

Personal Self-Management Skills: Students develop skills that enhance self-esteem, develop problem-solving skills, help them reduce stress and anxiety, and manage anger.

 General Social Skills: Students gain skills to meet personal challenges such as overcoming shyness, communicating clearly, building relationships, and avoiding violence.

Drug Resistance Skills: Students build effective defenses against pressures to use tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

 Our Service-learning can be applied in a wide variety of settings, including schools, universities, and community-based and faith-based organizations. It can involve a group of students, a classroom or an entire school. Students build character and become active participants as they work with others in their school and community to create service projects in areas such as education, public safety, and the environment. Community members, students, and educators everywhere are discovering that service-learning offers all its participants a chance to take part in the active education of youth while simultaneously addressing the concerns, needs, and hopes of communities.

 This ethical ideal is based on qualities, highly regarded in all communities of the world, from the past to the present, and is the foundation upon which a credible democracy is based.

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