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More Than a Game:  Not all students are athletes, but that does not mean than can’t have a lucrative career in professional sports.  Our program introduces students to all the aspects of making a sports franchise. Our program will be working with all professional sport entities. Will teach what it takes to run the daily operations of a professional sports franchise.  Interactive role playing where the students will not only be a player of  their favorite sport but of sports they would normally not participate in  They will become owners, managers, coaches, trainers, physicians, announcers, agents, media relations, community liaisons, timer keepers, score keepers, statisticians, photographers, sport writers and referees. Field trips to local sport venues.  

These careers will help in math, read and writing.  Ability to conduct a board meeting using parliamentary procedures. Rule books for all sports. Appearances and opportunities to meet and get up close and personal with Sport figures and professionals.  By the end of the 20 week course students will have a better understanding of the sport industry, an improvement in sportsmanship, personal conduct and self esteem.

Fit to Teach (Nutrition and exercise program for teaching staff): it has proven when people are eating healthy and physically fit their brain productivity and the ability to handle stressful situations increase over 70%. Fit to Teach is an exercise program that does just what it says it make the Teachers "Fit to Teach".


 Acting Up (Drama, Arts, & Stand Up): offers a free year-round youth development program and exciting music, theater, drama, and arts classes at our theater on and musical theater and playwriting residencies to public and private schools in and around the various counties. Poetry or ‘Lifeotry” allows expression thru poetry. Through "Acting Up!" high-quality work, young people gain confidence and learn commitment, responsibility, communication and teamwork - skills that are critical to their success in school and in life.