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Established in 1990 we have been responsible for providing outstanding Service to the Community.  

Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Gambling, Social Media Addiction, Gang Prevention, Elder Abuse, Child abuse Sex trafficking.

Veterans services and resources.

Re-entry programs.

Community Service.



English as a second language.

Health and Nutrition, Financial Management and  Employment development etc...

Spiritual Coaching.

Let Us! Inc targets minds, bodies and spirits. Through our various programs, our goal is to enlighten, motivate and cultivate "youth" of all ages and our Vets, with positive self-awareness.  While developing and incorporating arts, finance and life skills into career technology, beneficial throughout their productive lives while improving their community and the world.  Clients will develop excellent problem solving skills such as conflict resolution, self-control, tolerance, and compassion using state of the arts technology.

Our programs are innovative and unique, covering a variety of educational and social concerns that are designed to be implemented within various district and state subject areas-English, Language Arts, History and Science.  Some of the  programs are organized in five topic areas---Personal Development, Health & Fitness, Arts, Finance, and Empowerment. We are able to help our clients achieve educational goals for some that may mean earning a High School Diploma!

We encourage individuality along with the diversity P.R.I.D.E., (Pride Respect Individuality and Errors). Our Etiquette classes:  Thank you, Please and "Keep ‘in it Real, (Manners for a New Millennium)"  are parts of personal development.  They are designed with creative and innovative backdrops.  We will focus on proper and acceptable behavior, while building strength and character through activities and role-playing.  They will master the art of effective communication.  Personal Hygiene, Social Media Etiquette and non bullying behavior.  “Weed to Deed”, “Stand up, Man up and Pull your Pants UP!"  are motivational and rites of passages programs.

Our physical education, fitness and nutrition program, “More than a game!”  focus on all aspects of “team sports”.  We redefine the word “Team”.  This program will introduce children to all facets of team sports.  They will learn not only the fundamentals of a sport, but they will learn how to keep and analyze statistics, be a team manager, coach, time keeping, broadcasting, marketing, officiating, recruiting etc.  This introduces children to lucrative careers in the Sport Industry—not just be a player, something not known in Minority Communities, while also incorporating computer, math, and reading skills.

Research statistics suggest that minority children are suffering from obesity, juvenile diabetes, and a lack of activity, as compared to European-American children.  These children are the first generation with a prediction to have a shorter life span than the previous generations.  Poor nutrition and no exercise are the main culprits to these health concerns.  Our Healthy Bodies/ Keep it Movin’ will excite and encourage all our Clients young and young at heart to get moving and eat healthy.

Education Today!  Offers educational services thoughout  California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona has apart of the No Child left behind act http://www.ateducationtoday.org

Lower my Utility bill.  There are various programs for California Residents to lower their bills. http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/CEC/d_lowerbill.htm